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In an effort to become more comfortable using a few tools, I built this site utilizing Gulp and BEM. I modularized my CSS files and class names, and incorporated gulp tasks to make this site robust in terms of tooling while maintaining a fast load time. I learned a lot during this project and will continue to take these lessons with me in my future work.

Frontend Mentor Challenges

Taking designs from Frontend Mentor, I primarily used Flexbox on these projects. Completing 1 project each day, I was able to streamline my approach to breaking down design files into responsive web pages. This was a super fun exercise and allowed me to become a faster developer!

Map & Weather Data using APIs

For this project, I built an application to meet the following functionality -- display a map of the world which a user can move and zoom. When a user clicks on a given location, the web app will display the current weather data for that location. For the map, I integrated Mapbox’s API, and for the weather data I integrated Open Weather Map’s data.

Wedding Website

Rather than using a pre-formatted wedding site available at places like The Knot, or Zola, I challenged myself to make my own wedding website. I designed and built this site using HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. No fancy packages or scripts, just the web as simple as possible. Features include a sticky header navigation, ‘Things To Do’ search function based on type of activity, and integrated RSVP form.

Dark Mode Splash Page

This was a fun dark-mode toggle project. Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I created a single page web app, that on ‘click’ would change the appearance to be either dark or light. I used hover states and svg fill patterns to add to the playfulness of the project.

Memory Matching Game

This is a holiday-themed matching game and it was a very fun challenge. This game required the cards to be shuffled on browser load/game start, a function to handle matched and unmatched cards, rate the player’s skill, use a timer to start on game play, and end when game is over, and show a congratulations modal to show win stats.

JavaScript Tip Calculator

This was a great project to help think through various steps in my code. The calculator generates a tip amount based on total bill, how many people to split the bill with, and the tip percentage you want to leave. There are a few things happening at once, which required me to keep my code clean and lean.